When you install StockyPhi, we fetch all products from your Store for analysis. After product analysis, our system starts listening to the information sent by Shopify to take action on products according to the settings applied in the app.

Shopify has a system which provides real-time inventory status of your products. Whenever Shopify notifies us that a product has Zero inventory, we instantly hide the product, and in the case of back-in-stock products, we immediately publish it [according to the settings applied].

Note: - If you have out of stock products before installing our app then you have to do a forceful cleanup to hide all of them, and same will be the case with Back in stock products [according to the settings applied].

We recommend you first to apply the settings and then do a cleanup.

StockyPhi supports two modes -

Live Mode - Once you go to the Settings page and apply the settings you want, StockyPhi will listen to product update webhooks and take action on updated products immediately.

Forceful Cleanup - To unpublish all of your out-of-stock products and publish all of your in-stock products, you'll need to click on Cleanup Now button available in the settings page. You need to click it only once, after that it will run on Live Mode .
Click on Cleanup Now button to apply settings on all products so that StockyPhi will scan all products from your store again from the start. Later on StockyPhi will update products in run time.
Click on Cleanup Now button as StockyPhi needs to scan products from start. Later on StockyPhi will update products in run time.
Whenever StockyPhi takes an action on products in run time, it will send you an email (you need to adjust your settings to be notified immediately about the product being out of stock or back in stock).

When you click on Cleanup Now button in Settings page, it will scan all the products in your store and will send you a summary email on completion.
Please go to page. You will find all the updates from StockyPhi there.
Click on "Out of Stock Rules" and a modal will open.

In Exception section add the tag "XYZ", and hit the save button.
Action on the product will be taken within 30 seconds.
  • In-Stock: Products having 1 or more quantity in online store.
  • Out Of Stock: Products having 0 quantity in online store.
  • Continue Selling: Products that have been set to continue selling (from your Shopify admin), even if it goes out of stock, or the quantity tracking has been turned off.
  • Products Managed: Total number of unique products that StockyPhi has managed to date (Hiding/Publishing/Redirecting products or sending email notification).
  • Actions Taken: This is the summarized data regarding the actions taken on the products like hiding, redirecting, or publishing.
Feel free to contact us on support@stockyphi.com or chat with us.